who we are

Warm Hearts Upcycling is a NZ social enterprise whose purpose is to minimise textile waste while helping local refugee women develop income and social connection.

We will reduce waste and encourage others in the local community to do so through face-to-face market sales conversations and hands-on textile upcycling workshops

Let’s save our planet one garment at a time!


what we do and why

At Warm Hearts Upcycling we rescue discarded good quality natural fibre garments and remake them into unique clothes, cushions, bags and other items.

We carefully wash the clothes and textiles in a good quality eco laundry liquid and dry them in the fresh air and sunshine. They are then deconstructed and the fabric is used to make new items such as children’s clothes, bags, cushions and tech cases. We haunt the resource centres for old buttons, lace and wool yarns to add decorative touches to the items. Much of the sewing and hand stitching is done by local refugee women who benefit from the income and social connection.

All together these activities embody our values of waste minimisation, education, community development and creativity.